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Burberry Prorsum has been getting a lot of attention in the fashion world lately. And rightfully so, this collection is definitely obsession worthy. However, I want to take the spotlight and move it over to Burberry’s Brit collection. I must admit that I never paid attention to this collection, for the sole reason that I was in love with Prorsum. I must admit though, there are some killer jackets in this line, and they deserve a little more hype.

When fall comes I always set a criteria for a new winter coat, one that will make me fall in love with it every time I put it on. This year I wanted a leather biker jacket with a quilted pattern, or a jacket with shearling collar. To my surprise I found both of them in this line. I absolutely love the quilted biker jacket and the bomber jacket with a shearling collar. If you haven’t checked out this line yet you should. There are tons of great jackets and some exceptional button ups.

Shearling Trench Coat// HERE, Diamond Quilted Jacket// HERE, Shearling Aviator Jacket// HERE, Quilted Panel Biker Jacket//HERE 


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